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‘Brawl Stars’ The Next Android Game By The Creators of ‘Clash Royale’

Supercell – the software house behind Clash Royale, the most lucrative and playable mobile game of the moment – has unveiled the next game your kids (or maybe you) will play on Android and iOS and watch on YouTube: Brawl Stars Unlike Clash Royale, which was a real-time strategic title, Brawl Stars is an online three-game fight against three that recalls a little League of Legends.

The game Brawl Stars Apk was shown in a long preview on YouTube where some of the main gaming modes have been seen – four of them: in the first one, you just need to eliminate the opponents’ team more than they do with yours; In the second we will have to collect 10 crystals from a central mine, that in case of killing all the collected crystals can be collected by the opponents; In the third we will have to knock down the opposite team’s security and protect ours, while in the last there will be just 10 wrestlers all against each in an arena that becomes smaller and smaller.

Brawl Stars’ vision is high and there are various heroes with different abilities: some are good at body, others from afar, some can withstand many blows, but do little harm, others cure or slow down enemies. Expect a series of skills that can be unlocked over time or, of course, with in-app purchases. Each character has only one fire mode and a special ability that can obviously change the destiny of the match if triggered at the right time.

Yu Gi Oh!: Duel Links Features You Might Wants to Know

If you are interested to play Yu Gi Oh!: Duel Links, you should know what features you can get or play inside the game. You will have great experience if you are eager to read more about the features provided. These are some interesting features you may want to know:

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Hack

Challenging other duelist: Every few minutes they will appear to challenge you. By defeating them, you will also get some other prizes like Gold, cards, and elemental stones. Freely set your own decks: Players can freely set their own decks. To get a new card, the player can increase the character level, get a new character, defeat Duelist, buy a booster pack with Gem, to redeem Gold and element stone with Card Trader.

Free gems everyday: The gem itself becomes the most valuable exchange tool in this game. You can get Gems by completing quizzes, finding secrets in Duel World, increasing levels, and buying them using real money. Interesting right? It's time to duel! here is You can get Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack for free and generate unlimited amount of gems and coins.

High Graphic Quality: With great looks and graphics, we think that Yu Gi Oh Duel Links will get great attention from the fans. They certainly hope to be able to feel the sensation of playing a monster card directly, not just see the show of Yu Gi Oh anime series. In addition to exciting features, Duel Links also provides a pretty cool animation. You can see your monster appear when you call up the arena. In addition, the dubbing voice of each character also makes the duel more alive.

Therefore, we consider that Duel Links can bridge the wishes of the fans. If you want to try to feel such a great sensation, you also have to download this cool game immediately. We are sure you will not be disappointed. Simply by using Android or iOs smartphone, you can feel the great sensation.